Lisa Seropian, Psy.D. ~ Licensed Psychologist & Psychotherapist

Come and see who you can be!

Personal Interests

When she is not in the office or giving a presentation, Dr. Seropian enjoys reading and creative writing.  She enjoys the arts including fine art, nearly all kinds of music, theatre, and dance. She was trained as a classical dancer, having attended a performing arts high school, and was thrilled to perform.  The doctor continues to study dance in various forms.  In her retirement, Dr. Seropian wishes to have a horse and to travel.

Self-care and having good boundaries are a part of any good care-giver's regimen.  To learn more about the doctor's policies in this regard, click on the "Privacy and Accountability" tab next.

If you are ready to proceed, call the doctor at 704-776-6438.