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Dr. Seropian will be happy to discuss her fees with you when you call.  She is in network with several insurance companies.  For those of you who are going out-of-network, you likely have out-of-network benefits for behavioral health.  If out of network, we will help you complete your claim form.  You should know that seeking treatment, even if out of network, with a very experienced and highly skilled provider, may turn out to be "cheaper" in terms of time, money and energy than going in network with a less skilled provider.  

Please read if you are thinking of paying with your insurance:


You will be required to call (or chat with) your insurance before your Intake Session, so that you can be prepared to pay your Patient Responsibility part in your first session.  The doctor will send you a list/work-sheet of the questions to ask your insurance.  We will need the answers to these questions if you wish to use your insurance.   Please note, payment is due at the time services are rendered.  

 If we are still unsure at the time of your first session as the terms of your insurance plan, we will collect the amount we believe is your Patient Responsibility part based on the information you gathered when you called your insurance.  However, the final determination as to what is your Patient Responsibility is made when the claim is adjusted and the results are posted to the insurance company's web-site.  You can see the results for yourself by logging on to your insurance company's web-site, clicking on "My Claims" and looking at the EOB's (Explanation of Benefits) for yourself.   The EOB will show for each date of service the doctor's standard office fee that was billed, the Contracted Fee that is allowed, the amount the insurance company paid, and the difference, Patient Responsibility, which is your part.  

Please be aware that although insurance in North Carolina is legally obligated to pay or send an EOB within thirty days, it sometimes takes longer than that.  Please also be aware that sometimes your insurance might mis-quote the terms of your plan over the phone.  Your Deductible or Co-Pay or Co-Insurance may turn out on the claim to be different from what we expected.  In that case, it is the claim that we go by.   If you think your insurance is not paying out correctly, you may call them to discuss it with them.  The doctor can help you know what to say, if needed. 

It is a shared responsibility between you and the Doctor to track your insurance payments and make sure your bill is being paid correctly.

Your Patient Responsibility part is collected at the beginning of session and New Client Intake papers are completed at the beginning of the first session.  We allow an hour for this session due to this paperwork.  (Other sessions are usually 53 minutes.)  

At the end of your therapy, you and the doctor will discuss your account and settle any out-standing balance due or balance credit after your final claim has been paid.

We accept credit/debit cards, cash and checks. 

For more about insurance versus paying out of pocket, visit our "Frequently Asked Questions" tab.

To learn more about your costs of treatment, call 704-776-6438.