Lisa Seropian, Psy.D. ~ Licensed Psychologist & Psychotherapist

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Dr. Seropian will be happy to discuss her fees with you when you call.  She is in network with several insurance companies.  For those of you who are going out-of-network, you likely have out-of-network benefits for behavioral health.  If out of network, we will help you complete your claim form.  You should know that seeking treatment, even if out of network, with a very experienced and highly skilled provider, may turn out to be "cheaper" in terms of time, money and energy than going in network with a less skilled provider.  

Visit the Frequently Asked Questions tab to learn what  to ask your insurance company. 


Please call your insurance ahead of time so that you can be prepared to pay your member responsibility part in your first session.  For those who are paying out of pocket, a reduced fee may be possible if needed.  Please do not be afraid to inquire if cost is a concern for you.  Please note, payment is due at the time services are rendered.  The fee is collected at the beginning of session and new client administrative papers are completed at the beginning of the first session.  We accept credit/debit cards, cash and checks. 

For more about insurance versus paying out of pocket, visit our "Frequently Asked Questions" tab.

To learn more about your costs of treatment, call 704-776-6438.