Lisa Seropian, Psy.D.

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Areas of Expertise

I have a general practice, meaning I work with those with a wide range of problems.  I have many areas of expertise, but I particularly excel in these areas:

* Support for those adjusting to the 40's, 50', and 60's, including relationships with young adult offspring, caring for aging adults, and taking care of SELF as the generation in the middle

* Support regarding societal/cultural changes and related anxiety, fear, and loss/sadness

 * Help for those wanting to learn about and understand themselves and grow

 * Moving beyond depression, anxiety and mood problems in children and adults 

 * Learning from, and growing through, relationship problems

 *  Adjusting to transitions such as moving, job/career change, separation/divorce, broken relationships 

*  Moving through bereavement and loss with children, teens and adults including for suicide survivors

 * Need/desire for job or career change (not testing, but therapeutic exploration)

* Help for those struggling with faith and spiritual issues and/or lack of meaning/purpose


I am sometimes asked about my spiritual beliefs.  I am coming from a Christian background.  I am sensitive to those from other faiths and spiritual backgrounds.  If you want, I am interested to learn about your spiritual life and will incorporate your spiritual life as much as you would like to.  If there be strengths to your spiritual/faith life, we can use those and build on them.  If your faith/religious background has been a hindrance or source of pain for you and you wish to heal from that, we can do that work. 

 * Healing from loss, trauma and/or emotional/psychological abuse

* Coping with or recovery from relationship with someone with narcissistic features

 * Stress reduction, stress management, realistic expectations for self and for/from others 

 * Improving work-life balance, finding life satisfaction, and learning to relax and enjoy the present

* Staying strong and getting closer for busy, scattered families

 * Growing your self-esteem, setting boundaries, and assertiveness skills (obtaining what you need or want from life)

 * Improving communication, effectiveness, negotiation, and other work related skills for executives and career-minded people

 * Tending to self-care and burn-out recovery for helpers, healers, and care-givers including psychotherapists, medical workers, family care-givers, pastors, and teachers

* Understanding and recovering from childhood wounds

* Parenting training (all aged kids including young adults)

* Play Therapy (learn more about Play Therapy in the FAQ section)

* Sand Tray Therapy (a fun, creative, expressive way to learn about yourself) for kids and adults

* Insomnia, Moderate Weight Loss, and healthy habits including diet, sleep, exercise, and having fun

* Teaching use of relaxation skills including breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, guided imagery

* Body awareness using Gestalt techniques

* Support for those on a cancer journey


I work with a wide variety of people with many different kinds of problems and may well be able to help you even if your particular problem is not one of those listed above. Please call for more information.  If you problem area(s) fall outside my areas of expertise, I will gladly point you in the right direction.  

If you are ready to speak with me, please call me at 704-776-6438.

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